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Making a Decent Living as a Full Time Artist


The stereotype of the Starving Artist is real. A recent survey in the U.S. showed that 75% of full time artists earned less than $10,000.00 per year and over half of them earned less than $5,000.00. I believe that this is because most aspiring artists have no idea how to actually go about creating a successful career.

I believe that if someone has a passion for art, a willingness and ability to learn and a solid work ethic then Making A Decent Living As A Full Time Artist is not only possible but highly probable. But… it is not easy and it will not happen overnight.

This course goes into great depth in what I believe are the three key components to creating a successful career as an artist.

Mindset: This determines not only whether you believe it is possible but whether or not you can  consistently put into practice the necessary behaviours required.

Creating Great Art: You must master the skills and concepts required to consistently create work that stops people in their tracks, takes their breath away, draws them in and engages them

Business: Once you are consistently creating great art then there are a number of business solutions that you can put into practice to scale your income.

This course is not a “quick fix” promising to provide a miracle algorithm or some “secret” to success. This course is for those who dream of spending their days pursuing their passion while earning a decent living and are willing to dedicate every ounce of their being to making that happen.